We welcome you to join us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. in our historic worship center. All are truly welcome. 

Our worship service is flexible: we are always experimenting and tweaking as we strive to create space for each person to connect with the Spirit in their own way through scripture, reflection, prayer, music, and silence. For a detailed breakdown of a typical service, please see the Overview of Service section. There are shorter pews available for folks to sit with loved ones with wheelchairs or walkers.  

Mission Sunday

The last Sunday of every month is Mission Sunday. We meet in the Social Hall of the Church and do or learn about a mission project in place of the Reflection and Sermon. It changes every month so keep an eye out on our social media feeds and church newsletter to learn more.

Sunday School

Our normal Sunday School programming is intended for children between the ages of 5 and 12 (however there is flexibility if needed) and it is held during the regular worship service. We offer Sunday School from September through May each year. 

Children begin each service in the worship space with their families. After a part of the worship service called "A Time for the Young at Heart," children are invited to go to Sunday School. If it is your first Sunday or your children are uncomfortable getting up, they can stay seated with the family throughout the service. 



Our church choir rehearses on Sunday morning at 9:30AM in the sanctuary. We welcome new singers. We are grateful for their voices in worship, offering praise to God and leadership for the congregation. 


The  Pastor always looks for ways to make sermons relevant, interesting, and  fun.  Sermons always start off with setting the scripture passage in  its historical context, followed by reflection on how the lesson or  situation then applies to life now. Open minds and quality thinking caps are suggested. If you would like a sample please check out the Sermon Podcast page.